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The course of Tzuri Gueta. The meeting between art and science

Tzuri Gueta is a textile designer and engineer graduated from the Shenkar College in Tel Aviv and has lived in Paris since 1996. Raised by the sea and in direct contact with natural elements, his work reflects his roots.

After a visit to Li Edelkoort's Trend Union agency, Tzuri focuses on textile creation. It seeks to break the conventions of the trade by combining traditional gestures and unpublished techniques. There are then surprising materials at the border with sculpture - materials that deceive the eye and the touch.

In his search for the textile material, he meets the silicone which will soon become his fetish material. This polymer, composed essentially of silica, has extraordinary properties of solidity and flexibility. By marrying it with perforated textile materials, he invented a technique, the silicone lace, of which he will file the patent in 2005.

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Tzuri Gueta

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