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Introduction started to develop its project in March 2015, after an experience of the Founder in the Chinese e-Commerce market.

We realized that the current market of cross border multi-store e-Commerce needed to be upgraded to a more friendly and transparent system, where the shoppers can see and feel the merchant, where shoppers can see the product origin, where the manufacturer can be part of a worldwide platform with zero cost, and reach out to every corner of the globe, no matter the size of the company, or budget. Where shoppers can receive their orders in one shipment regardless of the country they buy from, where the shoppers know their final price to destination, door to door.

All these points and more were moving us to create a new way of shopping by

Our Concept and Vision

Koloxo is a concept built to cover all the weaknesses of current concepts that exist in the multi-store cross boarder e-Commerce.

Koloxo’s differences start from the very moment we start searching for an item on one of the platforms. At the very moment we look for the item by name or by category, different products will pop up from different brands or the same brands at different prices, these things bring up some doubts such as:

  • Where is the product coming from?
  • Is this product genuine?
  • Is it safe to use?

We also see differences at the moment of check out on the current platforms, we will never know our final price of the destination, we will not be able to know until we finalize the order, if they will send it to our country, or on the other hand if we reject the order. How will the process be to send it back or when we can get the refund of a payment? All these and more are the difficult points that many people are facing daily on different platforms. is a platform between the factories and the final user, each order is going from the manufacturer to Koloxo only on the moment of the order, that way the product is being sent new and with less damage to the final user.

The website’s interface allows users to shop by country of manufacture or by product origin, that gives the extra genuine value and more confidence to the user to know that their product is coming from origin and not from a middle trader that can be in different countries.

The users have the possibility to order from different categories, different products and in the same order from different countries. The different items will be consolidated by the unique logistic system of, the order will be delivered to the users’ door within a maximum of 15 days around the world. At the moment of finalizing the order and checking out, the user will see their final order cost, and no surprise additional costs at the moment of receiving their order. We are opening a representing office in each and every destination that delivers to, that way we can facilitate order returns. The user can contact their local representative office in their country and can return the order.’s system will refund the total amount, in a very easy and fast way. Koloxo’s system is changing the e-Commerce to a very friendly and trustable system, something that until now was difficult to find in cross border e-Commerce. is the only platform that has the system of bringing shoppers a different product from different manufacturers from across the globe and be able to buy and receive them to their destination at a very competitive price. The system is so robust that worldwide shopping from your home, will be the same effect as actually traveling to those destinations. Through you have access to those small factories and products that can only be seen when you physically visit the country. This is a revolution in global market shopping, making shopping easy, transparent andreliable. vision has been built for the coming 10 years as a global net that will be an easy market place for millions of small and big factories that, in a very direct way, will be found by millions of shoppers in the cross-border e-Commerce. This is the present and future of the cross-border e-Commerce market, is the pioneer in this new and unique concept.

Export Method for SME's / We Create Jobs’s platform is the best option as a market place for small and medium enterprises (SME), that have a large difficulty in joining the cross-border e-Commerce, from points such as:
  • Integration
  • Sending stock
  • Work policy, terms and conditions
  • Operation costs/fees created a system in a way that the SME do not need to change anything in their system. They can integrate with at zero cost, all the processing is supported by the team and by our different agents in each area.

In each country the importance of SME’s is very high for the local economy. is bringing SME’s to the worldwide market, where millions of users all over the globe can enjoy unique products that are in different countries and until today, didn’t have the possibility to export their goods or be able to reach the global users of the e-Commerce.

By supporting the SME, is helping by creating jobs in each country. In the past SME had the possibility to sell their products only in the local market. Today, has opened the global market to all those SME with a very friendly system that reaches out to every country across the globe.

Opportunity of Investment is an opportunity for investors to have the possibility of being involved in a unique project and a promising worldwide concept. will become a necessary tool for millions of businesses and users, the investment opportunity is built on a necessary and unique system that will upgrade the e-Commerce way of shopping. We open the door for every individual who wishes to become part of our investment community, there is no minimum amount and no restriction on nationality, is a worldwide project for all countries and nationalities. For more information visit the investor section or click here