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WORKING WITH US is a worldwide company with a unique concept that engages factories with clients, in a constant process of growth. is a new concept for the e-Commerce market. is beginning to implement changes of the way shoppers approach products.

Today, in each market we can see different angles of e-Commerce that are no different between each other. The only thing that differentiates them is that one is more popular than the other, however their system is the same. We can name them as buyers’ websites. is a shopper’s website, where the client is provided with the experience of browsing through different countries and categories, and discovering new products. brings millions of products from different countries to Users in a way that all of them can be found and are visible to the Users eyes, without the need of accepting payments from factories for advertising their banner on the front page. All factories have the possibility to be found by Users in an integral way, regardless if the factory is big or small or a known or unknown brand.

Our vision is bringing millions of factories to where millions of users can approach and get the experience of an online shopper with the taste of a real travelling sensation and shopping in different countries. is the friendliest system to three players in the same game, “Factory”, “Client” and “Government”; each having their own benefits from the system.

In the era of the bumming e-Commerce Worldwide Market, many things are changing in the commercial market, for example we do not know the origin of the product we buy, we have no way to confirm its authenticity, we cannot be guaranteed that we are buying an existing product, that when we receive our we find what we were really ordering; all this a more are the weaknesses the User is facing on one side, and the Factory on the other.’s concept is eliminating these weaknesses by implementing the following changes:

  1. Connect the factory to the final User
  2. Uploading products only from the Factory, avoiding any third-party, middle-man or dealer)
  3. Approaching or searching for products by its country of origin, the factories are located
  4. Consolidating products, even if purchased from different countries, into a single shipment with a single payment has created an innovative logistics system that allows this concept to be present. We make the Factory’s life much easier and more economic to achieve new markets all across the globe. directly helps SME’s (Small/Medium Enterprises) all over the world, millions of Small and Medium Enterprises that possess high quality products and have been around for over 100 years are dreaming of taking a new step of achieving a new market overseas by bringing their excellent products to a new global market. can make all of this happen with zero cost.This is specifically helpful for local companies to get their brand and products acknowledged globally. is opening offices in 125 countries all over the globe for getting factories onboard and to provide the technical service to factories and Users, as well as helping with local marketing in each country. This way we can expand the name and system in a very fast way and at the same time, provide technical support for the factories and Users in their areas.

Every day we are adding a variety of new products from new providers at a very fast pace, growing to be one of the biggest e-Commerce platforms in the works directly with providers so the products come directly from the Factory from across the globe to you in one consolidated shipment.

Our vision on bringingthe product to the final customer within the correct time, at the right price, with the highest possiblequality is the key to our constant growth in which factories and clients alike are confident in. All products featured on are completely authentic and come straight from their country of origin, directly from the manufacturer.

Koloxo brings the factory to the client via a unique logistics system which allows clients to reach out to factories and vice versa, with the source of products being the country of manufacture. In time, Koloxo is a growing system that, over time, will be able to cover most factories around the world.


Selling Your Products on

Factories are able to contact via a unique factory registration form. This registration form is the first step for a factory to start having their products uploaded to must understand the concept of Koloxo and how they can benefit from having their products uploaded to

Factories do not have to pay any fees/costs relating to shipping. Our unique logistics system means that from the factory’s doorstep, the logistics is completely free and all managed by Koloxo.

Factories have complete flexible control over their selling prices and which countries they want their product visible to on

Koloxo is constantly sourcing new companies of all kinds, in different countries across the globe to become part of its unique and on-going system. This is a great opportunity for local SME’s who wish to have their brand known more globally or are interested in incorporating into the globe e-Commerce market.

Koloxo serves as a free marketing tool for such factories and products, assisting them in obtaining more recognition on a global scale.

One important point that factories must understand is that Koloxo does not work with stock. This provides the factories with the possibility to display thousands of SKU’s of new products which can be updated at any time. Koloxo is a system that is gaining more power over time.

You can visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information regarding Factories.

Factory Registration Form

Factories must first register on the website and apply to have their products uploaded to Koloxo. In order to do this, factories must first fill out a registration form on under the Factory Registration section. The form must be filled out with information such as Name, Business Type, Contact Information, whether the product is being sold on another e-Commerce website, etc. Once the form has been filled out, it shall be sent to the Koloxo team for approval.

After registering, Koloxo will contact the client and if all is in order, will then send the contract. The client must then fill out with the required information and sign the agreement with Koloxo.


Once the approval of the registration form has been completed, Koloxo will send out a contract to the supplierthat must be filled out by the supplier with the requested information.

The contract consists of several sections which cover the relationship between Koloxo and the factory(s) in question, such as a background explaining brief information about Koloxo and the factory that is filling out and signing the contract.

Upon filling out the contract, it must be signed and stamped by the supplier and sent back to Koloxo for the final stage of processing.

The contract is renewed automatically after one year. Factories have the option to freely withdraw from the contract, however there is a minimum duration of 4 months from when products are uploaded before a factory can withdraw. Factories do not haveto pay any costs.

We always pay in advance to Factories. Koloxo is engaged to a worldwide logistics system for many kinds of companies, including being in charge of paying tax, handling the products as well as packaging the product(s) into a consolidated shipment. Koloxo also collects the products from the warehouse.

You can view a preview of our contract by clicking here.

Factory Terms and Conditions


The Factory Terms and Conditions is the relationship between Koloxo and Factories. Koloxo and the factory in question both have a written background explaining their purpose. The general idea of the Background section is to provide and understand what both companies do.


Product definitions is the section that explains the references such as trademarks, names, slogans, labels, logos and other identifying symbols which are both registered and not registered regarding the products and brands in question.


The Purpose of the Agreement is to appoint FTC-KOLOXO.COM as the distributor of the factory’s products through the means of e-Commerce.


This section explains the communication between and the factory regarding the purchase of its products. The factory issues a “Proforma Invoice” within 3 working days. Then Koloxo transfers the cost of the order to the bank account of the factory in question. Once the transfer has been made, the factory packs the gods within 5 working days and informs with the pickup address, working hours, names and other contact details of the person responsible. will then be in charge of organizing the shipment for the final destination via its logistics department.


The factory here agrees to provide with all necessary information about the supplied products in English and/or another language. The factory must supply Koloxo with high-resolution logos, images, video clips, technical data, logistic information or other necessary information. The factory must also inform Koloxo regarding any new collections of models that are developed and launched into the market, changes of stocks or any other relative information that may be necessary and affect the business to maintain a smooth business and high-standard services.


Koloxo recognizes that the ownership of these brands belongs to the Factory in question and that the agreement does not grant Koloxo any rights in the brands or on labels, designs, packaging or other visual representations of brands outside the terms within the agreement.

Koloxo uploads images and other information in its webpages without changing anything unless technically required for a successful and efficient upload in their webpages.

No extra cost is imposed toward the factory.


The prices displayed by are established by the factory, whom have complete control over the prices and have the flexibility to modify them. If the factory wishes to enforce new or specific conditions such as certain products not being visible in certain countries or the retail price of certain products be changed, they should inform such enforcements 30 days before such changes are effective.

Manufacture discounts play a huge roll and reach competitive prices around the world. Important values/factors include its size (in cubic meters – CBM) and its weight (in KG), all of which contribute to the final value.


Once the products are delivered by the factory to Koloxo’s warehouse, Koloxo is responsible for organizing transport, storage, handling, preserving and safeguarding the goods and keeping them in their original conditions.

The good cannot be returned unless there has been damage towards the goods before they have been handed over to the shipping company. However, there is no return for foods and perishable products at all. Items are checked by the factory for any defects or damages prior to being sent.


The agreement become valid from the date it is signed by both parties for a period of 12 months (1 year). It will automatically be renewed for another 12 months at the end of the agreement unless either parties wish to cancel it.

Cancellation of the agreement is possible by either party at any time, in which case that party should send a written notice at least 30 days prior to the date they wish to cancel the agreement. During this period, both parties will continue to comply with all their obligations under this agreement and its terms and conditions.


Both parties agreed to be bound by this agreement and its confidentiality and agreed not to disclose it to third parties. All prices, operational procedures, financial information and all business information of all parties involved, including parent companies and affiliates and subsidiaries and related companies are confidential and must not be disclosed to any other third party without prior written agreement of the party or if the disclosure is required by law.


All communications and notices between the parties involved in this agreement must be in writing, in the form of email or mail.

Either party may change its email address or telephone number by giving a written notice to the other party as stipulated in this clause.

Agreement and Acceptance

By having your products placed on, you agree and accept all of the Factory Terms and Conditions mentioned above and you must have provided all required information regarding products and also have filled out, signed and stamped all provided contracts by

Product Template

Once a factory has agreed to the Terms and Conditions, signed and stamped the contracts, they will be supplied with a “Product Template”. This spreadsheet is filled out by the factory with the necessary information regarding the product(s) they wish to be displayed on then sent back to the Koloxo Team for further processing, ultimately placing the chosen product(s) with its/their attributes on the website for Users and Customers to see.

How to Fill Out a Product Template

Filling out the Product Template is an important step in to having your product(s) placed on Its extensive options provide factories flexibility over their product(s) and how they want the product(s) to be displayed on Information such as the Store name, current websites, category ID’s, images, countries the product can be sold in, countries the product can be hidden from, price.


We are frequently opening new offices across the globe, allowing to become more local to its users and customers. By opening these new offices, is creating new jobs and opportunities for individuals that are interested in or have a passion for the e-Commerce sector.

As expands its offices across the globe, more jobs are being created for individuals that are interested in forming part of one of the worlds’ promising andfastest growing global e-Commerce platforms.All over the world provides the opportunity for individuals who are willing to explore the e-Commerce.

From logistics, to marketing, to other great opportunities, individuals who possess the correct worth ethics and knowledge are welcome to join the Koloxo Team.

People that are interested can visit the Careers section for more information. From there, the current openings are classed into categories for easier searching.