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29 years old, passionate about art, at her young age, SOUNDOUS chose to focus on artistic studies after obtaining her scientific baccalaureate and diploma in management. She then joined an art school specializing in architecture and graphic design, where she was able to forge her passion and develop her artistic knowledge; including the marriage of colors, screen printing, analytical and geometric design.

She joined an advertising company and worked in it as artistic director for 4 years, during this period and by coincidence she was able to discover her love and passion for textiles.
Attracted by the types of fabrics, shapes and shine of pearls, she began her research and training alternating with advertising, which lasted 2 years.
After acquiring all the knowledge in sewing, and caring about her first choice, she left the company to work on her own account and open a small traditional Moroccan sewing workshop.
Little by little, and by responding to the needs and desires of her clients, she was able to gain their trust and mark her name in the Moroccan market.
She then traveled to the Middle East to participate in an exhibition at MERCATO MALL DUBAI, an event that helped her expand her client portfolio and present a local product with a touch of modernity and creativity..

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Soundous Haute Couture

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