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The brand “Queen Moda“ has been created in Positano, a coastal village at the famous Amalficoast, full of narrow streets and stairways. The place describes itself: a miracle of nature that is located towards the sea. Since almost 30 years our company is a protagonist in the field of fashion; quality and experience are the foundation of this brand Made in Italy. The story of our brand is directly involved with the Italian beach wear fashion.

Every single piece of Queen Moda clothing is unique and represents a refined balance of a skilful treatment of exclusive fabrics and precious applications such as macramé, sangallo lace, gauze, linen and silk, focusing on craftsmanship with Italian creativity.

For 2018 Queen Moda propose a collection which is able to reflect the spirit of its own brand value melting floating lines with an imagination of femininity and authentic luxury, hand made workmanship and accuracy in the details.

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Queen Moda

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