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AIISHA RAMADAN is a Lebanese fashion designer based in the United Arab Emirates, who launched her own clothing brand in 2006.

She has won a number of prestigious awards such as Young Designer of the Year by Swarovski, named one of 30 Most Awesome Women in the Arab World in 2009 by Arabian Woman Magazine and won the Gr8! Women Achiever Awards in 2011. Global brands from different segments including beauty and technology have trusted and partnered with the designer on internationally recognized projects, making her one of the most influential woman from the Middle East.

The AIISHA label is the epitome of modern design. The beautifully crafted garments embrace diversity. Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Scherzinger, Christina Aguilera and Charlize Theron have adopted the label, which has gained international popularity for its elegant, yet sultry look.

Jennifer Lopez
Christina Aguilera
Nicole Scherzinger

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Aiisha Ramadan

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