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Azu’s Leather - a passionate desire to bring alive Kenya’s stunning bead-craft to the global style gourmand. Using only the finest and most durable products, a dream was born in 2011, to bring this ancient craft to newly minted Kenyan artisans.

Based in Nairobi, Kenya, Azu’s Leather trains, mentors and creates jobs for over 40 skillful Kenyan artisans. Handcrafting the most stunning collections of hand-beaded, full grain leather sandals, waist belts, dog collars, leads, fridge magnets, key holders luggage tags and wrist cuffs, it is innovating styling and enduring comfort that drives our vision.

Our handcrafted beadwork is exquisitely intricate. Beads are hand sewn and threaded onto leather products using strong fishing line to ensure durability. Azu’s Leather footwear is made of premium grade leather uppers carefully mounted onto hard wearing rubber soles for maximum comfort. Our belts, dog collars, leads, fridge magnets, key holders, luggage tags and wrist cuffs are hand-crafted and entirely made of leather. The brass buckles and trivets for the belts, dog collars and leads are all handmade in Kenya by a local brass-smith.

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Azu's Leather

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