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As an Artist, Designer, Sculptor and Ceramist, I feel we have become too industrialized, mass produced and too generic, thus compromising our essence and individuality. I try to escape this by using traditional practices when creating my handmade products. Hand molding the clay, pressing in the designs, applying glazes by brush and feeling my way as I paint and create unique rather than identical pieces. This approach translates wonderfully in unimaginable ways.

Handmade is perfectly imperfect, because to banish it paralyzes vitality. Handmade items carry the mark of the artist which is ultimately gifted to you. Authenticity cannot be fake. After each heart is hand molded, the image is pressed in and the hanger applied for the Swarovski crystals and Sterling Silver findings. The piece must then shelf dry (approximately 3-5 days). Once dry it is fired for the first time in my kiln for 4 hours.

Once cooled down (3-4hours) I apply the first layer of glaze after which it is placed back in the kiln for its 2nd firing for a further 4 hours. Once cooled down I apply the glaze crystals and finishes which are slow fired for a 3rd time for a further 8 hours at over 1000º C, a very high temperature. After firing and cooling, and removing them from the kiln, I can see the magical tension between the glass and the ceramic which I love. I then finally attach the necklace and add Swarovski crystals and sterling silver findings. I’m excited by each piece which celebrates its own unique feel and character once it is glazed and fired because after firing there is no going back. Each Heart has a subtle weight and balance adding to its own special presence. My beautiful Artisan handmade heart pendants are created in my studio. They are the ultimate expression of love, creating and sharing

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